Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Architecture-the final fabrics...

Collection One:

My first collection was created from the lace structures I produced on the knitting machines (previously photgraphed) I then began to hand knit with these structures to create chunky knits that would be used for a fashion end use.

Collection Two:

My second collection was created using the technique of finger knitting. I created spiral structures to show my inspiration from arch ways and other structures which showed curves and movement. This collection would also have a fashion end use, but would best be suited to accessories as the structure is more delicate than the first.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Architecture..the knitting begins!

After my visual research I began to develop my ideas and try and relate these into knit structures. I chose to use the lace stitch and created numerous long pieces of fabric by using a small amount of needles to knit with. I really liked the overall effect and my next plan is to hand knit with these long fabrics.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Architecture project

At the moment I am creating two knitwear collections inspired by the theme of architecture. I began this project with collecting visual research- this was done in the way of photography; I decided to base my project around the architectural structures within Leeds and mainly buildings designed by one of Leeds most famous architects Cuthbert Brodrick. I focused my photography on the Leeds Town Hall and Corn Exchange whilst using a few other buildings such as the arcades for more interesting photography.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Complimentary Colours in Knitted Fabrics

Development Work, using paper and card to collage with. Also using paints, strings and oil pastels to create texture.

Final knitted fabrics...

(All apart from red and green fabric were knitted on domestic machines.)

Optical Colour Mixing with Woven fabrics

Sketchbook work using collage, I created my compositions using this technique then used the colour work in my woven structures.

Development work using collage.

My final woven structures, created on a tapestry frame...

Primary Colour Mixed Media work

Sketchbook work developing my inspiration from the Bauhaus...

Development work using the theme of primary colours and using the Bauhaus movement as inspiration,collage of my own photography and papers...

Final collection of fabric structures, created by plastic bonding using various materials.